October 8th Deadline to sign up for Six Flags! The Trip itself is October 28th from 4-10pm

November 4th 3-6:30 Humans v. Zombies


If you bring nothing
– you start as a zombies

If you bring 3 Cans of food
– 1 sock (maximum of three socks, don’t let that stop you from bringing extra cans).

If you bring 2 Nerf guns + 8 cans
-you can donate one gun to the game (you’ll get it back after) and you can use the other gun yourself.

If you bring 25 cans
-You can BYOGun and use it

If you bring $50
– you will be supplied with a Nerf gun (while supplies last).

If you bring $100
– you can have the option of having two bandannas (essentially two lives) or 2 Nerf guns. Because dual wielding makes you look awesome… even if you can’t cock your weapons.